How to Restore Your Hardwood Floors

floor restoration

When you need floor restoration in your home, there are many floor restoration companies available to help you. There is floor restoration cost, which can add up to a large sum of money if you don’t do it correctly. When you decide to restore a floor yourself, you’re restoring a floor to its like-new condition. Sometimes the damage may be in direct cause from water, pet stains, or electrical, plumbing, and heat damage, or even fires from electrical, plumbing, and heat damage. The restoration takes someone who knows the floor well and knows how to properly repair it to you.


Hardwood floors tend to be more difficult to restore than other floor restoration projects, like ceramic tile, carpet, and vinyl flooring. Restoration can be more costly because you have to buy more materials, hire a restoration crew, and do more labour to make it look as good as new. Some types of hardwood flooring aren’t that easy to restore either. Certain kinds of hardwood flooring require sanding, refinishing, sealing, and others. This type of floor restoration can be extremely expensive.

One way you can lower the floor restoration cost is by using floor restoration services. These floor restoration services can work on hardwood flooring, carpet flooring, linoleum flooring, hardwood flooring, and more. With floor refinishing, floor restoration services will sand your floor down, remove stains, and then seal and refinish your floor at a fraction of the cost of doing it yourself. You won’t have to buy all that much extra material or hire a crew. However, before you get floor refinishing done, floor restoration services will need to inspect your floor to make sure that all damages are covered, and that no hidden damage exists.


If you want to do your floor restoration but don’t know much about floor restoration, there are some basic things you can do. First, you need to find out what kind of protective coating is on your floor. Many kinds of floor restoration require that the floorboards have some protective coating on them to prevent moisture from getting underneath the floorboards. Some wood floor restoration uses floor restoration sanding techniques to remove the protective coating on the floorboards themselves. This is a much more involved process that has better results if done by trained professionals.

floor restoration

When it comes to the actual floor sanding and refinishing process, it starts with a thorough inspection of your floor by a floor restoration company. This includes checking for any flaws, determining the overall condition of the floor, and looking to see if the floorboards need any protective coatings applied. The floor restoration company then gathers floor sandpaper, sand floor pads, sand sheets, and other supplies to use in the refinishing process. If your floor is already stained or has been damaged in some way, the floor restoration company will also supply you with some stain removal supplies.


One of the most important pieces of equipment you’ll need during the wood floor restoration process is an electronic floor sander. This is used to rough up the floor before the refinishing process begins so that the floor will be smoother when the refinishing process starts. An electric floor sander has different settings for sanding pads that let you choose the smoothness of the sanding. You may also be able to adjust the speed of the sander so that you don’t run across the floor too much during the sanding process.

Common Mistakes

One of the biggest mistakes people make when they try to restore their floors on their own is that they attempt to do the entire project by themselves. Although you may have some skills when it comes to using a sander and floor restoration tools, doing it yourself is not only a risk; it’s a recipe for disaster. A professional floor refinisher has the right tools and experience to achieve the professional finish you want. Plus, it costs a lot less to hire someone to refinished your floors than it would buy all new hardwood flooring.

After your floor restoration project is complete, the best way to maintain your hardwood floors is to use floor polishing products. These polishes are designed to be gentle on the wood and will restore the lustre to its original brightness. You can either purchase these products from the store or you may be able to rent them through a floor-cleaning service.