Terraflake/Seamless vinyl

What is Terraflake?
Terraflake is a decorative flooring system consisting of epoxy base coat, coloured chips and polyurethane finish coats specifically selected to compliment each other and form a permanently bonded, resilient, seam-free, durable floor coating.

Terraflake is also known as Seamless vinyl, as well as several other names.

Q Where can I use terraflake?
On concrete floors and selected sheeting where a hard wearing, decorative, easily maintained surface is required. Ideal for Entry foyers, homes, family & rumpus rooms, offices, laundries, schools, bathrooms, kindergartens, warehouses, covered patios, garages and carports, commercial and light industrial.

Q What colours are available?
Terraflake is available in 16 standard colour blends and a range of single colours. A standard colour blend should be selected from the colour chart or a special combination can be specified from the available single colours.